Zavala County Bank offers a variety of convenient services to make your banking easier! Please find below a list of services provided:


Weve put some of our most popular services into the palm of your hand. Our Debit Card gives you a faster, more economical, more convenient way to buy groceries, gas, or anything else where MasterCard is accepted.  Best of all, the money comes right out of your checking account without the hassle of writing a check. Your Debit Card also gives you the opportunity to get cash at one of our ATMs or any ATM worldwide.1


This service provides our customers the ability to perform transactions over the telephone. You can check your balance at any given time 24/7. You can also make transfers from one account to another or give a payment by phone. Voice-Access also has great features: our voice recognition (touch-tone or speak your information) and is available in Spanish. So, call our voice-access number at (830) 374-BANK and you have access to your account absolutely free.


Our Internet banking allows our customers to conduct financial transactions on a secure website. You can check your account 24/7, 365 days a year. With our online banking you can check your checking accounts, loans, or any type of account that you have at Zavala County Bank. Its just that easy. By registering for internet banking you can make your life easier by saving a trip to the bank and this service is entirely at no cost to you.


At our bank we also offer the best safe deposit boxes money can buy. So come on by and secure your belongings with one of our safe deposit boxes. The sizes vary from 3x5 to 10x10 to fit your needs. At Zavala County Bank you know your most important assets are in safe hands (fees, sizes and availability may vary).

PLEASE NOTE: No insurance coverage is provided on box contents by FDIC or this financial institution.


Interested in investing? Check our competitive rates on IRAs and CDs. With these accounts you can guarantee your investment will be in good hands, (rates subject to change daily).


Tired of not making it to the bank on time, then try our Night Depository. Place your transaction in our conveniently located depository box. We will take care of it the next business day! Zavala County Bank also offers locking night deposit bags which you may buy either for personal or commercial use.


Your funds can be safely sent to a bank in another city or state by wiring them from Zavala County Bank. The wire transfer service is a very secure and reliable method of sending funds. So, if you need to get money somewhere quickly and safely, wire it!
(wire transfers are subject to certain fees and conditions)

With these great services, we can promise your bank experience will be greatly appreciated at Zavala County Bank. Please visit our bank and see what we can offer you!

1 - Zavala County Bank ATMs are available at two locations: 1.) at the La Pryor branch, and 2.) at our main office in Crystal City.